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For years we have been selling professional equipment and guns to outdoor people, hunters and military forces. We have decided to extend our business and are now looking for new partners. Please contact us if you sell outdoor equipment.


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New webshop in 2018!

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What is Northern Adventure?


We started to sell military equipment in 2007 and are now expanding our business into more outdoor equipment. Read more...



Cooperation with us.?


We sell equipment to professionel outdoor people who are active in sometimes hostile environments. This means that we have a responsibility to make sure our equipment is made according to highest standards and specifications. Read more....

Meet Our customers!

Here are some of our typical customers.

  • The soldiers going on missions all over the world
  • The outdoor man finding his way in the mountain or the jungle
  • The hunters looking for pray

They trust the equipment we sell - help us to make their advanture a good adventure. Read more...

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